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Northern Recycling & Waste Services
920 American Way , Paradise, California, United States

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About Yard

Northern Recycling & Waste Services is a family owned and locally operated full-service recycling and solid waste company. Together with our sister companies we have serviced the region for over a century. We are pleased to provide Paradise and unincorporated Butte County with efficient, economical, and sustainable services with world class customer service. We believe that properly managing our solid waste is a fundamental ecological issue. It illustrates, perhaps more clearly than any other environmental impact, that we must change many of our traditional habits and the cultural manner in which we manage our waste. Our mission is to eliminate waste, reuse and recycle all resources, provide objective education and quality service. It's our Planet, let's support it.

Being a local independent company, NRWS has a local customer service and billing department that can respond quickly to any questions or concerns that our customers might have.Our entire team lives in Butte County, allowing us to make decisions quickly and decisively, to react to our customers changing needs.

Glass, aluminum & plastic beverage containers labeled CRV (California Refund Value) can be redeemed at designated centers for 5¢ per container under 24 oz, and 10¢ per container 24 oz and above. Non-CRV glass, metal and plastic beverage containers are accepted for recycling at most drop-off recycling locations.NRWS will discount the refund value and may discount scrap value of loads of containers which include non-redemption material.SB 332 does not require new containers added to the program to be labeled 

The consumer has the right to:

  • Accept a discounted refund or scrap price
  • Separate refund from non-refund material
  • Take back material

Recycling helps save resources, energy, and money.  It keeps materials out of the landfill, provides jobs, combats global warming, and “closes the loop” through the creation of new products out of recycled materials. See below for ways you can reduce, reuse and rot. Click on items to the left to find specific recycling information. 


Reducing is the most important thing we can do to curtail the over exploitation of our natural resources. Although we only take up 5% of the planet we consume 30% of its resources, if everyone lived like Americans we would need 5 Planets to survive. Reducing waste is vital to stopping the trend of over consumption. Here are some simple things you can do to reduce waste and conserve resources. Waste not, want not. Buy only what you really need. Think before you buy: Do I really need this? How much will I use it? Could I borrow or rent it instead of buying it? And lend your items to friends.Donate unwanted items to your local thrift stores, friends or family.If it’s broken, fix it! And, whenever possible, pay a bit more for more durable, long lasting products, rather than disposable ones.Reuse glass jars and bottles, yogurt cups and margarine tubs, aluminum foil, fabric, boxes, bags, packing material, wrapping paper, etc. When they can no longer be used or passed on to others remember to recycle all recyclable materials.Bring your own coffee cup and water bottle rather than using disposables.Just say no. “No I don’t need a bag, I brought my own, thank you.” Bring your own reusable bags to the grocery store, drug store, hardware store, clothing stores, etc. For one or two small items, just carry them out.

Our goal is to reduce waste. Working with us to implement an effective recycling program at your business will save money and help to promote our community's goal of Zero Waste. On average 60 to 90 percent of waste generated in commercial businesses can be recycled.The more you recycle the more money you save and more importantly the more you help conserve resources and protect our environment. 


We provide mixed recycling containers that are clearly labeled and can accommodate all recyclable material generated in a business environment. All fiber, newspaper, junk mail, magazines, glass, plastic and metal can be combined in one container. We provide waste audits, training, presentations and reports free of charge to help establish your waste diversion goals.

Special events provide a great opportunity to recycle…do you wonder why it is missing at so many events?

NRWS is committed to increasing recycling at events and helping you make it work. When you call us for service for your event we’ll help you select the right recycling and trash containers for your needs and we’ll provide guidelines for successful event recycling. State and County policies require recycling at large events. Plus, recycling will save you money because there is no charge for separated recyclables at events…while there is always a charge for trash collection

Company Services
  • Glass Recycling
  • Aluminum Recycling
  • Plastic Recycling
  • Metal Recycling
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Recycling and Public Outreach Coordinator
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920 American Way
Paradise, California
United States
ZIP: 95969
Recycling and Public Outreach Coordinator

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