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Keywell Metals LLC - Falconer
1873 Lyndon Boulevard, Falconer, New York, United States

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Headquartered in Chicago, Illinois, Keywell Metals LLC is a leading supplier of recycled titanium, high-temperature alloys and stainless steel in North America. Using its deep understanding of these metals, the Company has established itself as a trusted value-added partner to aerospace metals and specialty steel producers. Customers rely upon the Company’s supply relationships and metallurgy expertise to produce highly engineered metal grades that meet demanding end-user requirements. Collection and processing facilities are located in Monroe, North Carolina; Falconer, New York; West Mifflin, Pennsylvania; and Atlanta, Georgia.

Aerospace metals and specialty steel customers look to Keywell Metals to supply scrap that meets their specific requirements for chemistry, pliability, rigidity, corrosion resistance, and heat resistance. By capitalizing on its extensive network of more than 1,000 scrap yards, industrial plants, governmental agencies, and large mills located in North America, Europe and Asia, the Company has developed a reliable stream of raw materials to meet its customers’ just-in-time requirements for specialty scrap metal. The Company’s well-trained staff utilizes x-ray fluorescence analyzers, spectroscopes, spectrometers and other analytical devices to identify each of the thousands of unique types of metals and their trace elements. After the chemical and physical characteristics of each lot of scrap metal are transmitted into the Company’s proprietary optimization software suite, unique metal blends – sometimes using more than 100 different lots of materials – are created that ensure that contaminants do not compromise the integrity of the finished metal when it is melted by the customer.

The team at Keywell Metals builds on a heritage in scrap metal that stretches back to 1924, giving it tremendous capabilities when coupled with the financial backing of its deep-pocketed shareholder. Since January 1, 2014, the Company has been owned by Prophet Equity, LP, a private equity firm based in Southlake, Texas, with over $600 million of assets under management. Prophet Equity’s principals have invested in and managed over $2 billion of value creation across entities with over $4 billion in revenue. Its control equity investments focus on strategically strong, lower and middle market businesses with significant value creation potential.

Overview - Purchasing Your Scrap

Keywell Metals employs the best and brightest purchasing team to serve the generators and suppliers of recyclable Aerospace Metals and Specialty Steels. We can provide: market and materials reclamation analysis; transportation solutions via truck, container or private railcar fleet; equipment for material handling; and up-to-date product pricing. Our focus is on providing suppliers with a consistent, accurate experience in handling every load, with settlements delivered faster than anyone else in the industry. This approach allows Keywell Metals' suppliers to deal with their scrap generators with confidence and pride.

Overview - Supplying Aerospace and Special Steel Solutions to Customers

Keywell Metals has considerable investments in processing equipment, state-of-the-art laboratories and highly trained production personnel. These investments enable the Company to provide the highest quality products to domestic and international consumers of Aerospace Metals and Specialty Steels. Keywell Metals can provide certified Aerospace Grades, Stainless Steel solids and turnings blends and additive charges for any segment of the Aerospace Metals and Specialty Steel industries. To ensure all materials meet customer expectations, we use a stringent quality management system, and each product is tested by metallurgical engineers and highly-trained analytical sorters and shipped according to exact customer specifications. Through strict adherence to our quality standards, Keywell Metals is one of the few approved suppliers of secondary Titanium and High Temperature Alloys to all major Aerospace producers throughout the world.

In addition, Keywell Metals designs and implements toll processing programs that certify material chemistry, physical form, and provide just-in-time (JIT) inventory services for remelting in customer furnaces.

Our Approach

Keywell Metals LLC processes and sells secondary titanium, high temperature alloys, and stainless steel scrap metal for remelting. The Company also handles other aerospace metals and specialty steels, including: commercially pure titanium and titanium alloys; cobalt and cobalt alloys; nickel and nickel alloys; nickel copper alloys; high speed steel; tungsten carbide; chromium; and molybdenum.

Utilizing its strong quality management system, the Company delivers specialized, furnace-ready recycled product solutions to its customers. Through critical training and production management efforts, Keywell Metals is the supplier of choice for discriminating aerospace and specialty steel producers.

Keywell Metals realizes the importance of providing excellent service to its suppliers. As a result, the Company is highly focused on achieving the fastest and most accurate service in the industry so that suppliers can settle with their scrap generators with confidence and consistency.

Put Keywell Metals to the test – we will do our best to provide you with a great experience.


Keywell Metals’ focus on its customers’ needs requires a strong commitment to quality and has developed a comprehensive Quality Management System that is second-to-none in the Industry. The company maintains its ISO 9001 certification from SRI Quality System Register, certificate 012641.

Keywell Metals maintains the most modern, fully-equipped laboratory in the Aerospace Metals and Specialty Steel Recycling Industry. The laboratory facilities encompass seven sample furnaces (3 arc, 3 air-induction and 1 induction furnace capable of vacuum or argon pressurized melting), and sophisticated analytical equipment including atomic absorption, x-ray fluorescence, inductively coupled plasma emissions and optical emissions spectrometers. All methods used for analysis comply with the American Society of Testing & Materials.


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  • Manufacturer: Stainless Steel; Service: Nickel & Stainless Steel Scrap Dealing & Recycling
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1873 Lyndon Boulevard
Falconer, New York
United States
ZIP: 14733

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