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Advanced Disposal
3054 E. Division Road , Monticello, Indiana, United States

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Yard Locations

3054 E. Division Road
Monticello, Indiana
United States
ZIP: 47960
3726 E. State Road 64
Winslow, Indiana
United States
ZIP: 47598
2710 E. 800 South
Claypool, Indiana
United States
ZIP: 46510
12900 Warrick Cty Line
Evansville, Indiana
United States
ZIP: 47725
4429 Allen Martin Drive
Fort Wayne, Indiana
United States
ZIP: 46806
6330 Route 219
Brockway, Pennsylvania
United States
ZIP: 15824

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About Yard

Advanced Disposal brings fresh ideas and solutions to the business of a clean environment. As the fifth largest solid waste company in the U.S., we provide integrated, non-hazardous solid waste collection, recycling and disposal services to residential, commercial, industrial and construction customers across 16 states and the Bahamas. Our team is dedicated to finding effective, sustainable solutions to preserve the environment for future generations .

Waste & recycling facilities in Pennsylvania

Advanced Disposal facilities throughout Pennsylvania provide several services to residential as well as commercial customers in many Pennsylvania cities. These waste services include trash collection, transfer, disposal, and recycling. Find your Pennsylvania facility in order to see what waste management services are available in your area.  

Municipal Waste Removal Services

In our partnerships with local governments, we create safe and clean communities that residents are proud to call home. It’s important to us that residents don’t notice the garbage trucks, but instead are impressed by cleaner streets. That’s why Advanced Disposal provides municipal waste and recycling services to over 700 communities across 17 states every day. 

Beginning in 2013, backing sensors have been installed at the manufacturer on all new Advanced Disposal route trucks. In addition, more than 20% of the current fleet has been or are in the process of being retrofitted with backing sensors. Backing sensors are added to the rear of trucks and sense when any object or person comes within 6 feet of the truck. The brakes are automatically applied once the sensor detects this object. This should make our trucks automatically brake before backing into a car, mailbox, tree, bicyclist, pet or pedestrian. Placing backing sensors on our trucks has proven to be amazingly effective with over 80% reduction in backing accident frequency, which is the number one cause of accidents in our industry. This safety equipment has increased the cost of doing business, but we believe that the investment to prevent accidents is essential. We urge others in the industry to follow our lead in making our business, as well as our  communities safer for everyone. 

The Right Decision – Right-Hand Routing

Why do we pick up one side of the street only to turn around the pick the other side up? Advanced Disposal uses right-hand routing on all residential routes because it is much safer. When vehicles are being operated against traffic flow or weaving from one side of the street to another, the probability of accidents or injuries increases. This process does add time to our routes, but there is never time for an accident or injury due to crisscrossing roads with our trucks or our employees. 

At Advanced Disposal, our Material Recovery Facilities (MRFs) are much more than simple sorting operations. Instead, they are thriving business units and necessary community infrastructures. They provide a vital need to preserve our natural resources while performing their operations in an economical and efficient manner. 

However, some have unique capabilities such as:

  • Beverage destruction
  • Document destruction
  • Processing high-grade office paper
  • Specialty plastics 

We’re proud that each year millions of Americans (many of whom are our customers) recycle. While the shift toward single stream recycling makes recycling incredibly easy (single stream = all items going into one bin or cart), it also means people mix in items that cannot be recycled with those that can.  The result: each year environmental service providers and local governments spend millions of dollars removing items (also called contaminants) that shouldn’t be in the recycling stream or must discard overly contaminated items that could have been recycled.We want to be part of the education effort currently underway to help everyone recycle smart. Here are a few pro-environment tips and commonly mistaken recyclable items. Share with your family, friends and neighbors, so we can all make our Mother Earth proud.

While recycling is the first step in the process, it's important to put materials in the cart or bin that actually belong there. Know before you throw! The National Waste & Recycling Association, working with Keep America Beautiful, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, and the Solid Waste Association of North America, have come up with a list of acceptable recycling items so people will know what can be accepted at any recycling facility in the United States. 

Materials Accepted
Sl NoMaterial Name
1 jam jars
2CRV Glass bottles
3Pane Glass
4#1 Copper
6Tin Cans
7 News Paper
9Office paper
10Phone books
11#1 & # 2 Plastic
12Plastic Bottles CRV
Company Services
  • Paper Recycling
  • Glass Recycling
  • Plastic Recycling
  • Aluminum Recycling
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