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A-1 Specialized Services & Supplies, Inc
P.O. Box 270, , Croydon, Pennsylvania, United States

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A-1 Specialized Services & Supplies, Inc. is the world's leading recycler of platinum group metals (PGM) from automotive catalysts, managed in accordance with the highest standards, as certified under ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001. A-1 is headquartered in its own 350,000 sq. ft. facility in Croydon, Pennsylvania, north of Philadelphia. 

The Company has two principal lines of business: the processing of salvage automotive catalytic converters, obtained worldwide from networks of dismantlers, scrap yards, parts dealers, and manufacturers, to recover platinum, palladium and rhodium, and the marketing and sale to consumers of these same metals in commodity-grade form. 

With more than 30 years experience in the recycling and commodities markets, A-1 continues to grow. The recycling business has expanded by the addition of new suppliers of salvage converters in Europe, South America and Asia, by the processing of other salvage PGM materials, e.g., platinum spark plugs, oxygen sensors, non-automotive catalyst, and by the expansion of process capacity.  The commodity-grade PGM purchase and sales business has expanded by the addition of new sources and new customers and, prospectively, by the extension of A-1's market capabilities to commodities other than platinum, palladium and rhodium.

Platinum is a precious, silver-white metal that is even more valuable than gold. Platinum is also a chemical element and one of the heaviest substances known. A given quantity of platinum weighs about 21 times as much as an equal quantity of water.

Platinum has many special characteristics that make it valuable. Only gold and silver are easier to shape than platinum. It can be shaped and worked in almost every possible way. It does not corrode or tarnish when exposed to air, because it does not combine readily with oxygen or sulfur compounds found in air. Strong acids that dissolve most metals do not attack platinum. Platinum dissolves in a mixture of nitric and hydrochloric acid called aqua regia. It has a relatively high melting point of 1772 degrees C. It combines readily with arsenic, phosphorus, and silicon. Platinum also forms alloys with most other metals.

Platinum serves as an effective catalyst, a substance that speeds up chemical reactions. Automobile manufacturers use platinum in emission-control devices called catalytic converters. The oil industry also uses platinum to help break down fractions (parts) of petroleum to produce gasoline of a higher octane number. Platinum is also used as a catalyst in making various chemicals, such as acetic acid and nitric acid.


A-1 Specialized Services & Supplies, Inc. is the world's largest lot consolidator and dry processor of salvage automotive catalytic converters, and of catalyst as removed from converters. The Company sources feed material from hundreds of suppliers ranging from cottage-type collectors of recyclable automotive parts to vehicle manufacturers. While A-1 has a global reach, the majority of input converter/catalyst arises in the United States and Canada. As salvage converter/catalyst availability increases elsewhere in the world, A-1 will access such material directly through regional collection centers. The Company's first overseas venture was the establishment in 1998 of its collection center in Weiterstadt, Germany.
After receipt at A-1's dock, converters are opened to liberate catalyst, and the catalyst is crushed, milled, automatically sampled and sub-sampled in accordance with procedures dictated by strict statistical control. Catalyst sub-samples are divided and distributed to outside laboratories for assay. Bulk catalyst is packaged and shipped to world-class downstream processors for extraction of contained platinum, palladium and rhodium metals, and for subsequent metals separation and refining into commodity-grade form. Empty converter shells and associated parts, and other scrap materials, are shipped to specialty recyclers.

All processing, from first receipt through final production as commodity-grade PGMs, is conducted under strict statistical and environmental controls.


Policy of Environmentally Sound Management

It is A-1's policy that its operations and businesses will strictly adhere to all applicable laws and regulations concerning the protection of human health and the environment. 

Platinum group metal products have a profound, positive impact upon the environment primarily through the elimination of automotive pollutants. Additionally, A-1's recycling activities act to conserve limited resources and further protect the environment by reducing the need for extractive mining.

A-1's commitment to environmental protection, with continuous improvement, is certified under ISO 14001.

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