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Threaded Rods

Threaded Rods

Threaded Rods and Studs are intended for situations when fast assembly and disassembly are required. Studs are generally shorter in length than Threaded Rods. Stainless steels are used for their corrosion resistance, high-temperature strength, scaling resistance, and low-temperature toughness.  These properties account for their extremely wide use in practically every industry. Austenitic Stainless Steels are alloys of iron and carbon that contain between 16% and 30% Chromium, a maximum of 0.15% carbon, along with Nickel (or Manganese), and other alloying elements.  The chromium, which helps develop a passive surface oxide film, provides corrosion resistance in stainless steels.   Austenitic Stainless Steels are designated by a 3 digit SAE Stainless Steel Grade beginning with the number 3 (e.g. 304, 316).  Another common naming convention for Austenitic Stainless Steels are 18/8, 18/10, 18/0, etc. where the 18 refers to the % of Chromium and 8 to the % of Nickel contained in the material. A threaded fastener's size name includes information about the major external diameter, followed by the threads per inch, which indicates if it is coarse or fine. Coarse threads are better when working with brittle materials; they are sturdier and are easier to thread and unthread compared to fine. Coarse threading also allows for thicker coatings and platings.

Product Features

Threaded Rods and Studs allow for fast assembly and disassembly

Stainless Steel is suitable where formability and cost are important considerations

Similar to a bolt, but does not have a head

Studs are generally shorter in length than Threaded Rods

Coarse threads are better for brittle materials, and will assemble and disassemble more quickly than fine threads

18-8 (303,304,316) Stainless Steel is a chrome-nickel alloy and is the most widely used alloy of the stainless and heat resisting steels. It provides good corrosion resistance to chemicals and atmospheric conditions. It can be formed and welded. This alloy is non-magnetic.

Material Specifications

SKU                       SS-THRR-1-72-1

Alloy                      18-8 Stainless Steel

Shape                    Threaded Rod

Diameter                1 inch

Length                    72 inches

Thread Direction      Right Hand

Threads per Inch     8

Thread Type            National Course

Finish                      Mill

Package Quantity    1

Notes    Tolerances: Length: (+/- 1/8 inch)

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