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O1 Flat Ground - Tool Steel

O1 Flat Ground - Tool Steel


O1 Flat Ground, is an oil-hardening, non-deforming tool steel which can be hardened at relatively low temperatures. Tools and dies made from O1 Flat Ground will have good wearing and abrasive qualities since the tungsten and higher chromium content gives improved wear resistance. O1 Flat Ground is ground to a surface finish of up to 35Ra on six sides and is free from defects and decarburization. Sold in annealed state to be heat-treated.

O1 Tool Steel is a low alloy cold work tool steel that must be oil-quenched in heat treatment. O1 contains small amounts of manganese, tungsten, and chromium, giving O1 adequate toughness for normal tool & die uses. O1 has deep hardening properties with fine grain structure with unusual toughness. O1 has good response to heat treatment with small dimensional changes.

01 Flat Ground Stock is an electric furnace melt oil- har dening tool steel supplied with a fully spheroidized structure. A non-shrinking general-purpose tool steel, it has excellent abrasion resistance, toughness and machinability characteristics.

The O1 tool steel sheet has been precision ground and polished, meets American Society for Testing and Materials International ASTM A681 specifications, and has a standard tolerance. The O1 tool steel grade has better machinability than A2 tool steel. It must be hardened in oil, which can be done at relatively low temperatures for good dimensional stability. The sheet has been ground to achieve the precise shape and size.


Rockwell Hardness is about 62-64C, low Corrosion Resistance, low Distortion in Heat Treating, low Resistance to Heat Softening, medium depth of hardening, medium Weldability, medium Wear Resistance, ,medium Overall Toughness, medium strength, high Machinability, high Grindability, high Decarburization Resistance

  • Specifications: ASTM A681, QQ-T-570, AISI O1
  • AKA: O1 flat, O1 premachined
  • Applications: dies, knives, taps, punch plates, molds, etc.
  • Tolerances: Thickness = +/- .001", Width = +.005/-0. 


Cutting, blanking, punching and stamping tools and dies up to 6 mm sheet thickness, thread cutting tools, chasers, cold forming tools, arbors, drill bushings, collets, drawing punches, machine knives for the wood, paper and metal working industries, woodworking tools, cold trimming dies, shaping wheels, measuring tools and gauges, milling cutters, drills, reamers, taps, broaches, calipers, profile rollers, coining tools, industrial blades, moulds for the plastics industry, knurling tools, medium run blanking dies, cold working manrdrels, master engraving rolls and taps, guide rails, plug gages.

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