Keychain and handle metal test magnets for industrial and hobby use:

Jewellery & Pawn: Test gold and silver items to check for ferrous cores under plating.

Antiques: Check for iron present in brass, bronze, pewter, and copper pieces (which might indicate a forgery).

Industrial Recycling and Salvage: Sort austenitic (300 series) from ferritic and martensitic (most 100, 200, and 400 grades) stainless steels. Sort ferrous from non-ferrous items where paint, chrome, or surface polishing makes a visual i.d. impossible.


Scrap Monster Keychain Magnets are great for advertising your company or scrap yard.

For ScrapMonster Magnets 1-5:

The Magnets are customized with your needs.

All of ScrapMonster Keychain magnets 1-5 come in three colors: Blue, Green, and Red.

Chains are included but not assembled on magnets ordered with chains. If chains are installed add 7 cents per magnet. Rings are assembled on magnets ordered with rings.

Each magnet can have 4 lines of text imprinted on with the max of 16 charter per line.

We reserve the right to edit or abbreviate ad copy. All prices quoted for magnets with plastic bodies.

*All stock products have graduated pricing, so you save more on large orders!