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Midwest Electronic Recovery
7420 University Ave, Suite A, Clive, Iowa, United States

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Midwest Electronic Recovery, established in 2000, is a computer and electronic recycling division of Midwest Computer Brokers Inc. MER addresses the environmental risk of recycling and disposal of non-functioning and obsolete electronic equipment. Our discriminating clients, who range from large corporations to private individuals, enjoy the benefits of custom disposal services which include guaranteed data destruction, equipment recycling, and asset management services.MER is one of a handful of electronic recyclers which is able to de-manufacture cathode ray tubes on site. Our state-of-the-art CRT recycling system allows us to safely break down CRTs for glass and metal recovery. Our process insures that dangerous materials are properly recycled. MER is proud to have diverted millions of pounds of electronic waste from Midwestern landfills.

Midwest Electronic Recovery (MER) protects your interests and the environment by employing state-of-the-art electronic recycling practices. Which is why MER is the largest computer and electronics recycling center in Iowa. For more than 10 years MER has offered electronic recycling solutions to communities, solid waste agencies, businesses, school districts, institutions, and individuals. Your electronic equipment and data is safest in our hands.Midwest Electronic Recovery is a growing company which continues to invest in electronic recovery solutions. Recycling electronic equipment preserves natural resources and is an efficient means of reducing energy consumption and carbon emissions.

Mobile Electronic Shredding

  • All serial numbers are recorded utilizing a bar code scanner to ensure the numbers are accurately entered.

  • The logic boards are removed from the drives before the shredding process begins. This lowers the cost of shredding and is more efficient as the board materials are recycled in an environmentally responsible manner.

  • Prior to shredding, all devices are counted and compared to the spreadsheet to ensure they have been properly recorded, thus eliminating double scans or miss scans.

  • We will print a physical copy of the serial numbers and also provide a digital copy on a CD in Excel format.

  • The shredding process will begin at a rate of approximately 900 drives per hour after all of the devices have been serialized, verified, and the spreadsheet and certificates have been printed.

  • A certificate of destruction and a bill of lading is generated for your records at the end of the shredding process. They are signed by the shred specialist and provide proof of data destruction for regulatory compliance.

MER does not accept:

  • Household appliances
  • Microwaves
  • Lighting fixtures.


At MER your electronic equipment has two possible fates. Newer equipment is offered for sale to a second user after it has been refurbished, cleaned of asset tags, and the data storage devices sanitized. Older, obsolete, or broken equipment is de-manufactured into its individual component parts for recycling.MER has two recycling facilities in Iowa. The three-acre, four-building, 40,000-square foot facility in Walford houses our state-of-the-art CRT processor; sorting, de-manufacturing and refurbishment. The Clive facility collects, refurbishes, and de-manufactures electronics on a smaller scale.

E-waste can be broken down into four main material categories; scrap metal and wire, mixed plastics, printed circuit boards, and leaded glass. MER separates e-waste into 29 specific types of materials for more efficient recycling.

  • Metals such as steel, iron, and aluminum go to a local scrap metal processor.
  • Copper and scrap wire is collected for reuse.
  • Plastics are separated and sent to be granulated for making new products from recycled plastic.
  • Printed circuit boards are sent to smelters for extraction of the precious metals.
  • Leaded glass is not recovered for material value but is processed to reduce its environmental impact. The glass called cullet is sent to a lead smelter for recovery.

Data Security

MER continues to invest in sophisticated data destruction software and equipment to ensure your peace of mind. No one will have access to your databases, patented formulas, personal information, or proprietary technology.

MER guarantees:

  • That information on media will be unrecoverable.
  • Data destruction to fit your specific requirements.

MER Provides:

  • Dated, itemized and signed Certificated of Recycling or Certificates of Destruction
  • Demanufacture of proprietary equipment systems or technology to protect your business’s sensitive or patented information.


Midwest Electronic Recovery recycles computers, components, networking hardware, desktop printers, and miscellaneous electronic equipment free of charge.

MER has the most competitive rates for domestic CRT recycling.

  • Computer monitors, televisions and other equipment that contain cathode-ray-tubes (CRTs) start at 25 cents per pound. Contact us for more details about CRT pricing.
  • Large items on wheels, such as mainframes, and servers may have a charge.
  • All equipment must be prepaid unless a prior agreement has been made.
  • Discounts may be available for large quantities or repeat customers.
  • MER offers discounted rates for sustainable collection programs.

The truth about CRT’S

Cathode ray tubes or CRTs are found in computer monitors and televisions. This piece of electronic equipment is usually the heaviest, least valuable, and most difficult to recycle of all recyclable electronics. The reason that CRTs are problematic is that they contain large quantities of lead and phosphor coatings. Lead provides shielding of x-rays which are found inside the vacuum of the CRT tube. The phosphor coatings emit different colors of light when exposed to the radiation inside of the tube. Neither the lead nor the phosphor coating in the tube pose a problem for the environment as long at the tube is in tact. However, some recyclers remove only the copper yoke which is the only valuable piece on the CRT and then improperly dispose of the remaining parts of the CRT.Improper recycling of CRTs poses a threat to the environment. Lead can leach into groundwater. Breathing in lead dust or phosphors is hazardous to human health.Many states are addressing the CRT disposal problem by preventing the disposal of CRTs in landfills. Currently more than 20 states have CRT and electronic recycling legislation.

Our Environmental, Health and Safety Policy

Midwest Electronic Recovery (MER) endeavors to safely handle all e-waste which is collected for refurbishment and material recovery. Our Environmental, Health, and Safety management focus is the safety of our employees and safe handling of all equipment which enters our doors. We at Midwest Electronic Recovery accept environmental responsibility for our activities and processes. We are committed to maintaining legal compliance, sound environmental practices, and the prevention of pollution.

Safety Commitment: MER is not satisfied being a safe place to work but strives to be accident free. Our employees are our greatest resource.

  • At MER our ultimate responsibility is to provide a safe working environment for our employees.
  • All employees are trained in their specific work area.
  • Employees are expected to report problems or deviations from accepted work practices.
  • MER furnishes appropriate safety equipment for employees.
  • Employees are trained in the correct handling of R2 Focus Materials.
  • MER is in compliance with all applicable EPA, OSHA, State, and Local regulations.

Environmental Commitment:  MER continually evaluates and improves our recycling process to minimize negative impacts on the environment.

  • Midwest Electronic Recovery protects the environment by safely managing all Focus Materials: CRTs, batteries, circuit boards, mercury, and PCBs.
  • Even materials such as toner and plastics are safely removed and sent to appropriate down-stream vendors.
  • MER vets all down-stream vendors to insure that all materials are handled in compliance with all applicable Federal, State, and Local regulations.

Customer Commitment:  As a responsible corporate citizen, MER conducts business in a manner that helps our clients reduce their generation of electronic waste.

  • MER adheres to data sanitization, purging, and destruction practices described in the NIST Guidelines for Media Sanitation.
  • MER evaluates all materials for their potential reuse and follows the “Reuse, Recover, Recycle hierarchy of Responsible Asset Management.
  • MER maintains a level of security appropriate to the type of equipment handled and as required by the needs of the customers served.
Materials Accepted
Sl NoMaterial Name
1Circuit Boards
2CRT Monitors
3Electric Motors
4Keyboards / Mice
5Mother Boards
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