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I work for Amisy Metal Recycling Machinery, warm for both staff and customers. We are willing to listen to your need and satisfy your need by our quality recycling machines an competitive price.


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Amisy Copper Wire Recycling Machinery

Founded in 2000, Amisy Machinery has been dedicated to environment protection and copper recycling, becoming the leading enterprise of waste recycling equipment. Our copper cable & wire granulator and wire stripping machine have enjoyed great popularity worldwide, especially in advanced… more

Amisy Metal Recycling Machinery

Amisy metal recycling machines -- will be the pride and profit for your business! At affordable price, you will soon make remarkable profits from your plastic and wire recyclables. Our machines are easy to operate and safe to work at your yard for a long time. They are easy to maintain and if you… more

Jane Gao @amisyrecycling02 May 2017
Zhengzhou,Amisy Metal Recycling Machinery
Thick wire scrap without insulation has higher price. How to make it? Amisy large wire stripping machine can process wire scrap between 1 mm-165 mm. http://www.metalrecyclingmachine.com/product/wire-stripping-machine/large-cable-stripping-machine.html
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Jane Gao @amisyrecycling15 Jan 2017
Zhengzhou,Amisy Metal Recycling Machinery
We do what we are good at. Amisy always give you quality machine with competitive price. Just have a look, you will find it: http://www.metalrecyclingmachine.com/
Jane Gao @amisyrecycling03 Jan 2017
Zhengzhou,Amisy Metal Recycling Machinery
Buying a machine will cost you a sum of money, but after that you will get return quickly and Amisy's quality copper granulator can service you for ten years. It is a wise investment. Welcome to our website to know more: http://www.copper-wire-recycling.com/product/index.html
Jane Gao @amisyrecycling19 Dec 2016
Zhengzhou,Amisy Metal Recycling Machinery
Besides copper granulator, we have other quality metal recycling machines with competitive price and customized service. Welcome to our website to find what you need. http://www.metalrecyclingmachine.com/
Jane Gao @amisyrecycling12 Dec 2016
Zhengzhou,Amisy Metal Recycling Machinery
For metal scrap, we have metal crusher, metal shredder, baling press, etc. We have enough ability to provide you quality machine,quick shipping and considerate service. http://www.metalrecyclingmachine.com/product/metal-crushing-machine/index.html
Jane Gao @amisyrecycling05 Dec 2016
Zhengzhou,Amisy Metal Recycling Machinery
Amisy not only has its ace product, copper granulator, but also has many other best seller like radiator recycling machine, metal crusher, scrap baling press, etc. http://www.metalrecyclingmachine.com/product/index.html
Jane Gao @amisyrecycling28 Nov 2016
Zhengzhou,Amisy Metal Recycling Machinery
Amisy copper wire granulator has five models, which can recycle both copper wire and AC radiator. Do you like to have a look? http://www.copper-wire-recycling.com/product/index.html
Jane Gao @amisyrecycling21 Nov 2016
Zhengzhou,Amisy Metal Recycling Machinery
our scrap baling press has two kind : horizontal and vertical for different capacity requirement and degree of automation. Vertical model is a small one with lower price, horizontal has larger capacity and size. Which one do you like to choose? http://www.metalrecyclingmachine.com/product/scrap-baling-press/index.html
Jane Gao @amisyrecycling14 Nov 2016
Zhengzhou,Amisy Metal Recycling Machinery
Amisy Large Capacity Radiator Fin Crushing and Separating Line is specially designed to process AC radiator and car radiator for recycling copper, aluminum and iron. Economizing costs, raising efficiency, no dust and no secondary pollution. http://www.metalrecyclingmachine.com/product

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