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As an professional manufacturer of copper recycling machines. Allance has three series: copper cable granulator, wire stripping machine and radiator recycling machines. They all adopt durable material, ensuring long service life.

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Allance Copper Recycling Machinery

With rich experience and professional attitude, Allance's copper recycling machine is being accepted by more and more customers worldwide.  Allance copper cable granulator has four models which meet different productivity requirements. Among them,  copper wire granulator X400 is very suitable for small business because of its small body and low cost.… more

Jessica Brown22 Feb 2017
We are experienced in the manufacturing of copper recycling machine. Our best seller is copper cable granulator, which can give you pure copper granule.
Jessica Brown17 Jan 2017
In a new year, we offer you the same quality copper recycling machines as before with better price.
Jessica Brown05 Jan 2017
Allance copper granulator has been popular for many years. With reasonable price, we give you reliable quality and service.
Jessica Brown21 Dec 2016
Allance is an experienced manufacturer of copper recycling machines with sixteen years, we are devoted to improve our manufacturing aircraft and develop new models. Among the same kind, we are reliable and economic. Welcome to our website for more information:
Jessica Brown14 Dec 2016
Reliable function and easy operation are two distinct features of Allance Copper Recycling Machines.
Jessica Brown07 Dec 2016
Recycling Machines are necessary for an ambitious recycler. Allance copper recycling machine is of high efficiency, easy operation and safety. Welcome to know more about us.
Jessica Brown23 Nov 2016
Allance Copper Recycling machines are well known for good quality and low cost. Copper cable granulator´╝îwire stripping machine and radiator recycling machine are our best sellers. Good function will help you a lot.
Jessica Brown26 Sep 2016
AC radiator is a kind of valuable scraps for all scrap yard owner. How to get its whole value? Radiator recycling machine can help you a lot.
Jessica Brown17 Aug 2016
Allance pays attention to each detail, so we make perfect machine. Please come to here for knowing Allance Copper Recycling Machinery.
Jessica Brown10 Aug 2016
Allance Automatic Wire Stripping Machine is of low cost and reliable quality. It is your good helper.

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