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Aluminum January 22, 2015 07:07:29 AM

Venezuela plans to produce 436,000 tonnes of aluminum

Paul Ploumis
ScrapMonster Author
Francisco Rangel Gomez, the governor of Venezuelan southeast Bolivar State, stated that, it is clear that, Venalum, the State owned aluminum smelter will produce 436,000 tons of aluminum this year.
Venezuela plans to produce 436,000 tonnes of aluminum

CARACAS (Scrap Monster): The governor made this remark, at the time of his visit to the aluminum plant, in order to inspect the asphalt paving associated with the aluminum plants.

He added that the aluminum smelter collaborated with the State in 2008, when there was a hard drought in the Guri River, which is located to the eastern part of the Venezuela, and electric power had to be conserved. The workers never hesitated to turn off almost all of the plant’s power in order to provide electricity to the Country. Recovering from such a setback, takes hard work, and the company is still putting in the effort to recover.

Rangel stated that it is very possible for the company to recover. He also added that the company had broken a production record during the oil strike in 2002-2003. Hence there is no doubt in the matter that, the workers in the plant can manage to produce about 436,000 tonnes of aluminum per year.

The company currently has about 200 working units, out of about 905 total units. The company is only working at 22 percent of its total capacity. A supply shortfall had affected the company in 2014, when the corporation produced about 20,000 tonnes of aluminum less than in the previous year.