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Simms to Receive ISRI’s 2019 Lifetime Achievement Award

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Simms was a leading advocate for Superfund reform to protect scrap recycling companies.
Simms to Receive ISRI’s 2019 Lifetime Achievement Award

SEATTLE (Waste 360): In recognition of his contributions to the recycling industry, the Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries (ISRI) will award its 2019 Lifetime Achievement Award to Jerry Simms (retired) of Atlas Metal & Iron Corp. of Denver. Simms’ career in the recycling industry spanned more than four decades, during which he successfully led a number of key regulatory and legislative victories for the industry through his involvement with ISRI.

“One of the great privileges of being ISRI chairman is the opportunity to announce the Lifetime Achievement Award winner,” said Brian Shine in a statement. “This year, the honoree is Jerry Simms, and what a deserving winner he is. He has always been an ISRI mentor to me. Conducting himself with class and professionalism, he has a special gift to include input from everyone around him and then make thoughtful decisions that always promoted the best interests of our industry and its members."

Simms was a leading advocate for Superfund reform to protect scrap recycling companies. In 1991, he wrote to ISRI encouraging the organization and the industry to aggressively fight Superfund’s injustices. He argued that the law unfairly made scrap recycling companies liable for contamination that other companies caused. His letter called for rallying ISRI members at the grassroots level and leveraging their political power to effect change on this critical issue. His efforts culminated in the passage of the Superfund Recycling Equity Act in 1999.

Simms’ work in mobilizing his colleagues around the industry demonstrated the power of grassroots advocacy. His effort helped build a political structure at the trade association: The Grass Roots Implementation Team (GRIT) and set him on a path of leadership.

In addition to his work on GRIT, Simms filled a variety of other ISRI leadership positions, including chair of the government affairs committee, member of the stormwater steering committee, nonferrous division director, director-at-large, chair of the ISRI PAC Leadership Council, member of the national board of directors and head of task forces that have addressed SREA, automotive mercury switches and other issues. He also led the membership criteria subgroup, part of the industry image task force, which helped draft ISRI’s code of conduct.


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