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ICRA Foresees Retail Demand Recovery for Gold Jewellery
The ICRA survey conducted among rated gold jewellery retailers in the country revealed that there…
GoldNovember 27th 2020
Customs Data Suggests Rampant Gold Smuggling at Indian Airports
The seized gold was valued at around INR 90.4 lakhs.
GoldNovember 26th 2020
Fitch Predicts Robust Gold Output Over the Next Decade
Fitch forecasts stagnant gold production in China during 2020-’29.
GoldNovember 25th 2020
WGC Underscores Gold's Relevance as Strategic Asset in Europe
The European holdings in gold-backed exchange traded products (ETPs) have witnessed rapid growth since 2016,…
GoldNovember 25th 2020
WGC Launched New Hard Gold Jewellery Industry Standard
The WGC noted that there has been increased popularity for 24K hard gold products among…
GoldNovember 24th 2020
Ghana’s Gold Output in 2020 to Surpass Previous Year Level
The restarting of operations at the AngloGold Ashanti’s Obuasi mine is a positive sign, the…
GoldNovember 24th 2020
DGCX Completed Fifteen Glorious Years of Operation
The exchange has achieved several key milestones during its operation.
GoldNovember 24th 2020
JPMorgan dominates gold market with record $1 billion precious metals revenue
JPMorgan has earned record revenue of around $1 billion so far this year from trading,…
GoldNovember 23rd 2020
Energy & Precious Metals - Weekly Review
The powers-that-be in OPEC must have trouble believing their luck that oil prices can actually…
GoldNovember 23rd 2020
Goldman Sachs Foresees Huge Rally in Gold Prices, Driven by Inflation Risks
The demand for gold is likely to see strong uptrend in emerging markets.
GoldNovember 19th 2020
World Platinum Market to End 2020 at Notable Deficit
The total platinum supply is forecast to decline by 18% to 6,738 koz in 2020.
PlatinumNovember 19th 2020
Gold Investment Demand Mainly Driven by ETF Inflows
Gold ETFs have been the preferred choice of fold investment, in the midst of other…
GoldNovember 19th 2020