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Nordsense, Ingram Micro to Offer Smart Waste Management Solution

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Nordsense IoT-enabled sensors fit existing trash bins of all sizes, saving municipalities both time and money.

Nordsense, Ingram Micro to Offer Smart Waste Management Solution

SEATTLE (Waste 360):  Ingram Micro and Nordsense announced a partnership through which Ingram Micro will offer municipalities and communities across Canada with Nordsense's smart waste management solution.

Powered by artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning and Internet of Things (IoT) technology, Nordsense tracks and diagnoses daily waste management workloads, uncovering trends and inefficiencies that result in streets littered with trash. Remote monitoring, intelligent routing and fleet management provide sanitation departments with real-time insights on ideal container placement to prevent bins from overflowing and course-correct routes to cut down on traffic congestion, minimizing fuel consumption, maintenance costs and carbon footprint.

Nordsense IoT-enabled sensors fit existing trash bins of all sizes, saving municipalities both time and money.

"For environmentally conscious civic leaders who need an affordable means for affecting change in their communities, Nordsense smart waste management systems improve the well-being of citizens, businesses and visitors by keeping streets clean and free from trash," said Anders Engdal, CEO of Nordsense, in a statement. "We are excited to announce our relationship with Ingram Micro at this year's Intelligent Cities Summit and showcase the efficacy of our platform and services model to attendees."

Nordsense devices monitor activity—including bin fullness, temperature and fill rates—to identify waste generation patterns. Data from bins are collected by the company's web-based platform, which then produces real-time analysis for city officials to visualize the fullness of every trash bin simultaneously and to deploy sanitation workers only when needed.

Nordsense Fleet Management and Intelligent Routing harness AI and machine learning to present reports containing actionable insights that empower waste management officials to identify areas in need and track the efficiency of improvements over time.

The city of San Francisco, a Nordsense customer, experienced a 66 percent decrease in street cleaning service requests and an 80 percent decrease in overflowing trash cans.

Of note is that data collected from the company's smart waste management solution can also be used to crack down on illegal dumping. Each of Nordsense's IoT sensors has internal accelerometers that can track bin orientation, alerting officials that a dumpster is being vandalized.

"IoT technology is revolutionizing how people work and live with environmentally friendly, networked devices powering the future of smart cities," said Anthony Karim, vice president of vendor management for Ingram Micro, in a statement. "Partnering with Nordsense for smart waste management solutions aligns with Ingram Micro's commitment to digital transformation and accelerating adoption of secure, smart IoT solutions and services, globally. We are excited to bring Nordsense technology to our customers and partners across Canada, extending our support of smart city initiatives everywhere."


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