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Flat steel imports by Paraguay surged over 30% in September

Paul Ploumis
ScrapMonster Author
Paraguay's imports of steel flats surged higher during the month of Sep '15.
Flat steel imports by Paraguay surged over 30% in September

SPOKANE (Scrap Monster): The flat steel products imports by Paraguay surged higher significantly during the month of September this year. The latest data released by the country’s central bank indicate that flat steel imports during the month totaled 13,752 mt, 31.3% higher when matched with the imports of 10,474 mt during September last year. This comprises of hot rolled coil (HRC), plate and cold rolled coil (CRC) steel.

The HRC imports during September this year totaled 6,304 mt, accounting for more than 50% of the total flat steel imports by the country. The HRC imports were worth $3.14 million FOB. The largest supplier of HRC to Paraguay was Argentina. The imports from Argentina totaled 4,023 mt. The other key suppliers of HRC were China and Brazil.

Plate imports during the month totaled 3,502 mt. China remained the largest supplier of plates to Paraguay during Sep ’15. The imports from China totaled 2,155 mt. The other main plate exporters to the country were Brazil and Argentina. The value of plate imports amounted to $1.71 million during September this year.

Paraguay’s CRC imports totaled 3,945 mt. The key exporters during the month were Argentina and China. The value of CRC imports totaled $2.24 million FOB.

Among long steel imports, rebar imports accounted for 2,683 mt. The rebar imports plunged to almost half when compared with year-ago levels. Paraguay had imported 6,239 mt of rebar during September 2014. Bulk of the rebars was imported from Brazil. The rebar imports from Brazil totaled 2,242 mt. The rebar imports were valued at $1.74 million FOB during Sep ’15.

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