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Mining News March 26, 2020 04:30:29 PM

Centamin's Sukari Gold Mine Operations Unaffected

Paul Ploumis
ScrapMonster Author
Centamin has no COVID-19-positive cases amongst its employees.

Centamin's Sukari Gold Mine Operations Unaffected

SEATTLE (Scrap Monster): London-listed Centamin announced that operations at Sukari Gold Mine in Egypt is unaffected by cornoavirus pandemic.

According to company press statement, the early measures adopted by the company at the country’s only gold-exporting mine has resulted in uninterrupted operations. The company had imposed strict ban on non-essential travel and provided necessary awareness education to its workforce on dealing with the crisis situation. In addition, it had set up checkpoints at airports, community centres and mine gates.

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The company noted that it has already ensured internationally sourced critical supplies to run operations until June this year. It has already assessed potential alternative supply channels to mitigate supply risks. The announced closure of Egyptian borders until April 15th is only applicable to civilian travels. The borders will remain open to goods and supplies, Centamin noted.

Centamin has no COVID-19-positive cases amongst its employees. Further, there have been no material disruptions to its operations including gold shipments, the statement said.

Meantime, the company has decided to postpone publishing of its full-year 2019 financial results, following strong request by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) to observe moratorium of at least two weeks on publication of financial statements, in the wake of unprecedented global outbreak of coronavirus.


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