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Quebec Scrap Yard Prices
Vehicle Batteries (Lead Batt..Saskatoon8.00
Stainless SteelSaskatoon0.33
PREPARED STEELSaskatoon50.00
Oversized SteelSaskatoon25.00
Dirty Cop/Alum RadsSaskatoon0.50
Dirty Cop RadsSaskatoon0.75
Dirty BrassSaskatoon0.75
Dirty AluminumSaskatoon0.10
Dirty Alum RadsSaskatoon0.10
Clean Cop/Alum RadsSaskatoon1.00
Clean Cop RadsSaskatoon1.50
Clean BrassSaskatoon1.70
Clean AluminumSaskatoon0.45
Clean Alum RadsSaskatoon0.45
#2 CopperSaskatoon2.70
#1 CopperSaskatoon2.80
Yellow BrassGatineau1.55
White GoodsGatineau40.00
WHITE CAST IRONGatineau40.00
UBC (Cans) ( Aluminium )Gatineau0.40
TVs / MONITORSGatineau0.08
STAINLESS STEEL (304 NON MAG..Gatineau2.30
Stainless SteelGatineau0.40
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