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Scrap Monster
Manitoba Scrap Yard Prices
Yellow Dental GoldWinnipeg22.59
White Dental GoldWinnipeg8.84
Gold Nuggets, Placer GoldWinnipeg28.63
9k Gold, 37.5% PureWinnipeg13.55
8k Gold, 33.3% PureWinnipeg12.03
800 Fine Gold, 80% PureWinnipeg28.63
24k Gold, 99% PureWinnipeg35.79
23k Gold, 95.8% PureWinnipeg34.29
22k Gold, 91.6% PureWinnipeg33.11
21k Gold, 87.5% PureWinnipeg31.63
19k Gold, 79.1% PureWinnipeg28.31
18k Gold, 75% PureWinnipeg27.11
15k Gold, 62.5% PureWinnipeg22.59
14k Gold, 58.3% PureWinnipeg21.07
12k Gold, 50% PureWinnipeg17.90
10k Gold, 41.6% PureWinnipeg15.04
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