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China Scrap Yard Prices
 ABS Regrind (MIX Color) Prices
Kwai Chung1,100.000
 GPPS Lumps (Natural) Prices
Kwai Chung1,050.000
 GPPS Regrind (Natural) Prices
Kwai Chung1,250.000
 HDPE Bottle (MIX Color) Prices
Kwai Chung480.000
 HDPE Bottle (Natural) Prices
Kwai Chung700.000
 HDPE Film (MIX Color)-From Prod Prices
Kwai Chung700.000
 HDPE Film (Natural)-From Prod Prices
Kwai Chung930.000
 HDPE Regrind (MIX Color) Prices
Kwai Chung820.000
 HIPS Regrind (MIX Color) Prices
Kwai Chung810.000
 LDPE 80 / 20 Film Prices
Kwai Chung210.000
 LDPE 90 / 10 Film Prices
Kwai Chung470.000
 LDPE 95 / 05 Film Prices
Kwai Chung570.000
 LDPE 98 / 02 Film Prices
Kwai Chung710.000
 LDPE Film (Natural)-From Prod Prices
Kwai Chung900.000
 LLDPE Film (Natural) Prices
Kwai Chung780.000
 PC Regrind (MIX Color) Prices
Kwai Chung1,110.000
 PET Lumps (Natural) Prices
Kwai Chung520.000
 PET Regrind from bottle Prices
Kwai Chung630.000
 PET 70 / 30 Bottle - Europe Prices
Kwai Chung440.000
 PET 70 / 30 Bottle - US Prices
Kwai Chung570.000
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