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Grapple Equipment
6 products listed

Greenmax Recycling based in Los Angeles,3370,United States
Basic Member
Since Nov, 2015
Greenmax recycling Mars melting machine, a recycling machine, could handle various foam materials and melt them down to blocks. Mars hot melting machines are specialist for rigid polyethylene foam recycling, but the process need heat to melt PE foam.
Vtn Europe S.p.a. based in Cagnano di Poiana Maggiore
Basic Member
Since Jan, 2014
These have been designed to screen and handle demolished materials. Thanks to the specific configuration, the considerable gripping force and above all the 360 hydraulic rotation, these grapples can be used in the most precarious conditions, ensuring greater productivity without requiring continuous…
Anvil Attachments based in Slaughter,3383,United States
Basic Member
Since Jun, 2014
Anvil Attachments diesel hydraulic operated multi tine grapples are primarily designed for ships gear and shore cranes to unload barges or ships. These units are self contained with radio remote control operation and do not require any capability to supply power and / or control wires to the grapple.…
Basic Member
Since Jun, 2014
Anvil's electro-hydraulic grapples are of an extremely rugged design to withstand the punishment of handling all grades of scrap iron. Advantages of the electro-hydraulic grapple are that it can be easily hooked up to a single hook type crane and that because its forces are generated hydraulically,…
Basic Member
Since Jun, 2014
Features: Pins and bushings are oversized and heat treated for maximum wear life Tines are T-1 (A514) alloy steel for longer wear life Tine points are replaceable 500 BHN wear resistant alloy steel Cylinders are oversized and pressure tested for both high and lower pressure applications Cylinder and…
Basic Member
Since Jun, 2014
Features Pins and bushing are oversized and heat treated for maximum wear life. Tines are T-1 (A514) alloy steel for longer wear life. Cylinders have self aligning bearings on the rod end to protect against side loading. Designs available for direct mount, knock-around or power rotation. Tine point…
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