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Waste & Recycling
Connecticut launches new campaign to boost plastics recycling
According to Robert Klee, residents must ensure that plastic grocery bags and filmy wrappings are…
Waste & RecyclingFebruary 22nd 2017
CEPI: Utilization of paper for recycling records small decline in 2016
According to CEPI, the paper and board production by the US and Canada is estimated…
Waste & RecyclingFebruary 22nd 2017
Bunting Magnetics Co. expands global operations with acquisition of UK-based Master Magnets
The acquisition will build on and complement Bunting Magnetics Co.’s global foundation already in place…
Waste & RecyclingFebruary 22nd 2017
Florida Express Environmental Announces Acquisition of Licciardello’s Sanitation Services, Inc.
The acquired business assets include residential, commercial, and industrial solid waste customers, recycling operations, equipment,…
Waste & RecyclingFebruary 21st 2017
Ritz Safety LLC acquires Dallas, TX-based Lone Star Safety & Supply
Dayton, OH-based RITZ SAFETY LLC, one of the largest privately-held safety companies in the U.S.,…
Waste & RecyclingFebruary 20th 2017
New bottle-to-bottle recycling plant set to open in Colorado
John Lair, president and CEO of Momentum Recycling noted that the Colorado facility will be…
Waste & RecyclingFebruary 17th 2017
SUEZ Invests in Rubicon Global, Announces Partnership
Rubicon’s innovative waste streaming model with SUEZ’s experience of sustainable resource management, will open the…
Waste & RecyclingFebruary 17th 2017
Customs Department announces fresh crackdown on imported scrap
The initiative named ‘National Sword 2017’ will target imported scrap materials with special focus on…
Waste & RecyclingFebruary 16th 2017
Catalyst Paper’s Wisconsin mill rolls out ‘LEAP’ lightweight packaging solution
The products provide a full range of print options and are designed to entirely meet…
Waste & RecyclingFebruary 16th 2017
EnviroSolutions, Inc. (ESI) Acquires Washington DC Based Bowie’s Trash
“We are very excited about this acquisition,” said Dean Kattler, President and CEO of ESI.
Waste & RecyclingFebruary 16th 2017
Recovered paper prices likely to remain buoyant during H1 2017
Bill Moore stated that he was greatly surprised by the swift rise in prices for…
Waste & RecyclingFebruary 15th 2017
New York blocks “Deeply Flawed” 5-cent Plastic Bag Fee
New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has signed a bill that blocks imposition of 5-cent fee…
Waste & RecyclingFebruary 15th 2017
Call2Recycle entails increased battery recycling on National Battery Day
Call2Recycle noted that National Battery Day is a celebration of the vital role played by…
Waste & RecyclingFebruary 15th 2017
Waste Pro Completes 11 Acquisitions in 12 Months and Increases Service Footprint by 33,000 Customers
From December of 2015 to December of 2016, WastE pro(Longwood, FL) closed 11 acquisitions.
Waste & RecyclingFebruary 15th 2017
Dart Container Corp. announces opening of three EPS Recycling Drop-Off centers
Earlier in October 2016, it had opened a drop-off facility at 2260 Delray Road, Thomaston,…
Waste & RecyclingFebruary 14th 2017