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Turkey plan to boost export steel to Pak, Bangladesh

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ANKARA (Scrap Monster): Turkey Steel Exporters' Association (CIB) is planning a commercial visit to Pakistan and Bangladesh on March 2nd 2012 in order to evaluate new business opportunities with the support of the Turkish Ministry of Economy.

"This visit intends to open new markets for the developing Turkish steel industry," said Namik Ekinci president of CIB.

Recalling that a similar visit was paid in October last year to Chile, Peru and Colombia, Ekinci stated that countries to be visited are named by a trade committee formed by industry representatives. The trade committee has chosen Pakistan and Bangladesh as target countries, having evaluated statistics and market analyses.

“A preparatory visit had already been made to these two countries during which contacts were established with leading steel importers in these markets in order to pave the way for the main visit in March,” Ekinci added.

"Unfortunately our deep-rooted relationship with Pakistan and Bangladesh has so far not been reflected in our trading activities and our share in these countries import volumes has remained fairly low. I believe that the Turkish steel industry with its ability to compete in any market worldwide, will manage to be significantly competitive in these two neglected countries," Ekinci concluded.

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