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August 31st 2016 04:42 AM Grand Rapids, Minnesota-based Magnetation LLC has announced its plans to shut down its Minnesota and Indiana facilities.
August 31st 2016 04:41 AM Packaging products manufacturer Packaging Corporation of America (PCA) has announced that it has completed acquisition of assets of Timbar Corporation in an all-cash deal of $386 million.
August 31st 2016 02:27 PM According to the report, Republic Services collected and processed roughly 5 million tons of recyclables in 2015 across 67 recycling centers.
August 31st 2016 02:06 AM The major wood products exports from the US Northwest (logs) and British Columbia (lumber) to Asia have fallen in value by 18% during the first half of 2016.
August 31st 2016 01:33 PM The scrap gold, silver and platinum prices rebounded on 30th Aug, 2016.
August 31st 2016 01:34 PM Chinese copper scrap prices declined marginally on Scrap Monster Price Index on Tuesday, August 30th.
August 30th 2016 10:57 PM The potential return to the market of some 1.5 million bbl/day of supply from Nigeria and Libya could push a rebalancing further away.
August 30th 2016 04:46 PM Ferrous scrap traders and brokers don’t expect to see much buying this week. Most believe the mills will wait until after the Labor Day holiday to begin purchasing scrap for the month. Several have told suppliers they have enough scrap on hand or en route to their mills...
August 30th 2016 09:27 PM The report titled “A Principled Path to Sustainability” provides in-depth analysis of the methods by which the company has been able to achieve a sustainable balance among economic, social and environmental needs.
August 30th 2016 11:18 PM The EU region’s scrap exports to countries outside the European Union totaled 8.59 million tons in Jan-June ‘16, up by 15.2% over the previous year.
August 30th 2016 10:14 PM According to CapitaLand, the program will be launched in 10 shopping malls in Singapore, where recycling bins will be placed to promote e-waste recycling among shoppers.
August 30th 2016 10:10 PM Applications for the bond will be accepted from September 1st to September 9th, 2016. The bonds will be issued on September 23rd.
August 30th 2016 01:32 AM The North American aluminum scrap prices remained flat on Index on 29th Aug, 2016.
August 30th 2016 06:01 AM The scrap gold prices remained weak. On the other hand, platinum and silver scrap prices held steady on 29th August, 2016.


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Monster Keychain Magnet #2
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Old Sheet0.470000$US / Lb
Al/Cu Radiators1.010000$US / Lb
Old Cast0.500000$US / Lb
6063 Extrusions0.610000$US / Lb
Zorba 90% NF0.510000$US / Lb
6061 Extrusions0.550000$US / Lb
#1 Copper Bare Bright2.090000$US / Lb
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