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July 27th 2016 07:49 AM The South Korean iron ore imports during June this year totaled 5.071 million tonnes, dropping significantly by 7.8% when compared with the imports during the same month a year before.
July 27th 2016 07:55 AM Thomson Reuters has published the Gold Survey Report for the second quarter of the current year.
July 27th 2016 09:56 AM Waste Commission of Scott County will celebrate the launch of its new recycling program, GO All In, on Thursday, July 28.
July 27th 2016 03:31 AM Chinese copper scrap prices dropped sharply on Scrap Monster Price Index on July 26th, 2016.
July 27th 2016 01:29 AM Factors that helped boost western gold demand to unprecedented levels will continue to play a role in the second half of the year, according to one major precious metals research firm.
July 27th 2016 07:37 AM There is at least one more bear in the woods as analysts at BNP Paribas increase their gold-price forecast for 2016 but look for the price to trend lower through the rest of the year and 2017.
July 26th 2016 08:00 AM Canada’s leading tissue paper maker Kruger Products L.P. has announced investment of $55 million at its Crabtree plant in northeast of Montreal.
July 26th 2016 07:59 AM The latest provisional data released by the Environment Agency (EA) indicates that steel packaging recycling rate remained buoyant during the second quarter of the current year.
July 27th 2016 12:13 AM The sharp drop in recyclable prices has led to closure of more recycling centers across the State of California.
July 26th 2016 07:58 AM The Indian government has made new proposals to promote ‘Make in India’ scheme in gold and jewellery sector.
July 26th 2016 01:30 AM The daily prices of scrap gold and silver declined on Monday, 25th July, 2016. On the other hand, scrap platinum prices rose marginally.
July 26th 2016 04:23 AM The North American copper scrap prices remained flat on July 25th, Monday.
July 26th 2016 02:28 AM Gold prices were ending the U.S. day session weaker Monday, but up from the daily low.
July 26th 2016 04:24 AM While hedge funds and money managers were lowering their exposure to the gold market, they were increasing their bullish bets in silver.


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