09 Feb 2012 Last updated at 07:11:30 GMT

Power utility in South India to recycle compact fluorescent lamps

TRIVANDRUM, INDIA (Scrap Monster): A power utility in South India,Kerala State Electricity Board(KSEB) has announced plans to recycle used compact fluorescent lamps. It has joined hands with Energy Management Center to form an effective mechanism for recycling used compact fluorescent lamps(CFL), which is a need of the hour.

KSEB has been taking steps to promote the use of CFL in place of incandescent lamps to save energy. It had supplied about 1.25 crore CFL's to customers and large number is stored in its offices, Times of India reported.

Disposal of CFL is a serious issue as it contains mercury which is hazardous for the environment.

KSEB will start a system by which consumers can surrender damaged and used CFL's instead of disposing it.

KM Dharesan Unnithan, director, Energy Management Centre said that the aluminium and mercury in the damaged CFL's can be effectively retreived and recycled for various other purposes. The program will soon be extended to the general public also.

M Muhammed Ali Rawther, member, transmission and generation operation of KSEB, told that KSEB has decided to recycle CFL's on the grounds it will cause gross damage to mother earth, Times of India report added.

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