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September 21st 2016 Gold Hits Snooze Button Ahead of Fed Rate, BOJ Policy Decisions
September 20th 2016 Gold Advances as Traders Pare Bearish Bets Before Fed Meeting
September 19th 2016 Gold Trades Near Two-Week Low as Market Waits for Rate Guidance
August 2nd 2016 Looking at July sales data, the U.S. Mint’s gold American Eagle coin sales were down 47.6% month-over month and 77% year-over-year.
March 3rd 2016 The World Platinum Investment Council looks for the global platinum market to be in a deficit for the fifth straight year in 2016.
February 18th 2016 The production of almost all major metals by Colombia dropped during 2015.
December 7th 2015 According to latest report published by the World Platinum Investment Council (WPIC), the automotive demand for platinum is expected to grow by 2% year-on-year in 2016.
September 26th 2015 Platinum's price dominance since 2001 over sister metal palladium could come to an abrupt end if Volkwagen's auto emissions scandal spills over into Europe, where diesel cars account for about 45 percent of total sales.
June 1st 2015 Platinum jewellery purchase has outpaced gold during the initial two months of the current fiscal year
June 1st 2015 Gold wobbled in a tight range on Friday as a weak US GDP reading was already priced into the market
May 25th 2015 Above-ground inventories of platinum are unlikely ever to reach zero
April 28th 2015 The second Annual Retail Barometer Report published by the Platinum Guild International (PGI) forecasts that worldwide platinum jewellery demand
April 14th 2015 The most recent statistics released by the Platinum Guild international (PGI) suggests that platinum sales recorded robust year-on-year growth of
April 9th 2015 HSBC Bank cut its short-term forecasts for platinum while longer-term forecasts, and palladium calls, remain unchanged