04 Oct 2013 Last updated at 06:49:25 GMT

Italian firm unveils 'bioplastics polymer' technology to trim down e-waste impact

Italian firm unveils 'bioplastics polymer' technology to trim down  e-waste impact

BOLOGNA (Scrap Monster) : A team of Italian researchers presented the preliminary study report on using ‘bioplastic polymer’ for manufacturing electronic devices with low environmental impact. The revolutionary bioplastic is being designed by Italy-based ‘Bio-on’. The study report was presented at BIOPOL 2013- the International Conference on Biodegradable and Biobased Polymers, held in Rome.

The research study was conducted by by a team of Italian researchers from the Departments of Engineering of the Universities of Modena-Reggio Emilia and Perugia. The team emerged successful in producing bioplastics intergrated with carbon nano particles which could be used as a substrate for electrical circuits. The bioplastic polymer could be utilized in the development of sustainable electronics, reducing the hazardous impacts of e-waste. A wide variety of electronic devices including smartphones and tablets could make use of the bioplastic polymers.

Founded in 2007, Bio-on created and patented the first PHA bioplastics in the world to be 100% naturally biodegradable in water and soil. This outstanding product is made by processing residues of sugar production from both beet and cane using a natural production process without the use of organic chemical solvents. Bio-on is an Intellectual Property Company and supplies the technology to produce or use PHAs on the basis of a license that restricts use to a territory or to a specific commercial area.

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