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Iron Ore News

Rio Tinto Faces Fraud Charges and Fines over Investment in Mozambique Coal Assets
The lawsuit alleges that Thomas Albanese, Former CEO and Guy Robert Elloit, Former CFO failed…
October 18th 2017
Iron Ore Prices to Drop Below $50 per Tonne by 2019
A rising preference by Chinese steel mills for high grade ore and growing supply of…
October 9th 2017
Germany's Iron Ore Imports Rose 2% in June
The iron ore imports by Germany registered 4.5% decline from 20.782 million tonnes in Jan-June…
October 4th 2017
South Korea Records Marginal Decline in Iron Ore Imports
South Korea’s iron ore imports in August 2017 totaled 6.365 million tonnes.
September 28th 2017
Iron Ore Imports by the US Increased Twofold in July
The US iron ore imports in July this year totaled 666,475 tonnes, higher by 112%…
September 22nd 2017
US Shipped 80% More Iron Ore in July
The non-agglomerated ore exports by the US rose sharply by 75.4% year-on-year to total 909,920…
September 20th 2017
Brazil Records Slight Decline in August Iron Ore Exports
The top three ore importers of iron ore from Brazil during the month were China,…
September 21st 2017
Iron Ore Imports By EU Members Surged 19% in May
The imports of non-agglomerated ore by the EU region totaled 7.729 million tonnes, significantly higher…
August 31st 2017
France's Iron Ore Imports Zoomed in May
The imports of non-agglomerated ore by France totaled 1.093 million tonnes, rising considerably by nearly…
August 23rd 2017
Spanish Iron Ore Imports Tumbled by 40% in April
Brazil was the leading exporter of agglomerated iron ore to Spain in April 2017.
July 25th 2017