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Iron Ore News

Spanish Iron Ore Imports Tumbled by 40% in April
Brazil was the leading exporter of agglomerated iron ore to Spain in April 2017.
July 25th 2017
Italian Iron Ore Imports Dropped Sharply in Q1 2017
The imports in March this year totaled 889,844 tonnes, higher by 10% when compared with…
July 24th 2017
Japanese Iron Ore Imports Surged 4% to Touch 10.74 Million Tonnes In May
Australia was the largest exporter of iron ore to Japan during the month.
July 6th 2017
Iron Ore Imports by the Netherlands Record 27% Decline
The imports of lumps and fines registered year-on-year decline of 31.4%, says latest trade statistics…
June 29th 2017
Mexico's April '17 Iron Ore Imports Reduced By One-Third
The country’s iron ore imports totaled 144,960 tonnes during February 2017.
June 20th 2017
South Africa's Iron Ore Shipments Surged 12% in April
By loading port, Saldanha Bay accounted for 81.3% of total iron ore shipments during April…
June 19th 2017
Iron Ore Shipment by Canada Declined 17% in April
The combined exports of pellets and concentrates by Canada totaled 2.599 Mt in April this…
June 14th 2017
Brazil's Iron Ore Exports Rose 3.3% in May
Brazil exported 35.112 million tons of iron ore to overseas destinations during the month of…
June 13th 2017
Germany's Iron Ore Imports Leap By 4% In February
The country's iron ore imports increased modestly during the month of February this year, says…
June 6th 2017
MoF: Japan's Iron Ore Imports Soared 7% in April
The country imported 11.393 million tonnes of iron ore in April ’17.
May 30th 2017