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Barker Minerals reports prospecting sample results for two projects

By (ScrapMonster Author)
March 21, 2012 03:16:24 AM
Barker Minerals Ltd (TSX/V:BML), a Canadian mining company, has reported results of 2011 prospecting samples from its Black Bear East and its Spanish Creek projects.

PRINCE GEORGE (Scrap Monster): Barker Minerals Ltd (TSX/V:BML), a Canadian mining company, has reported results of 2011 prospecting samples from its Black Bear East and its Spanish Creek projects.

A grab sample from a 40 cm wide chalcopyrite/bornite rich quartz vein within copper malachite and azurite stained bedrock assayed 4.72% copper, and a grab sample from the nearby copper stained mafic schist assayed 1.37% copper. Less than one kilometre to the east of the Black Bear East discovery a 60cm x 50cm angular massive sulphide float boulder was found near bedrock on the Spanish Creek project.

Two separate representative samples of the boulder assayed 15.3% and 17.6% copper respectively; 6.2% and 7.0% zinc respectively; .17% and .17% lead respectively; 158g/t and 183 g/t silver respectively; 11.7 ppm and 5.6 ppm gold respectively by ICP-MS; and 9.6 g/t gold and .14 g/t gold respectively by fire assay.

Significant log harvesting activities were planned by logging companies during the 2011 - 2012 winter months on both project areas.

Initial recon prospecting was conducted by Barker in advance of the logging with a focus on prominent airborne magnetic and conductive targets similar to massive sulphide deposits within the boundaries of the scheduled logging areas.

The projects will be evaluated further in the spring of 2012 in order to determine the extent and grades of the copper stained bedrock areas and to determine the location of the high grade massive sulphide boulder found on the Spanish Creek project.

Due to Barker's exploration results in the Likely/Cariboo Lake area of Central BC, and the attractiveness of VMS deposits worldwide, the mineral potential was recognized by the Geological Survey of Canada (GSC) which subsequently conducted two highly successful airborne surveys covering a majority of Barker's claim area.

The GSC released results from the 400 metre line spacing "Likely Radiometric/Magnetic Airborne Survey" in 2009. A second, more detailed, 200 metre line spacing "Cariboo Lake EM/Magnetic Airborne Survey" was also released in 2009 which was successful in identifying numerous other target areas with geophysical signatures similar to that of Barker's Frank Creek and Ace VMS discoveries where the line spacing was 100 metres. Both surveys were fully funded under the Mountain Pine Beetle Program.

The Black Bear East discovery is associated with a linear airborne magnetic high which is flanked by a similar linear conductor. The coincident anomaly is open along strike outside the airborne survey coverage area and within Barker's claim boundary to the northwest.

The high grade massive sulphide boulder at Spanish Creek was found near bedrock and is located 200 metres down slope from a strong multi-element copper/zinc/lead/silver and gold soil anomaly identified by the previous property owners while exploring for gold vein targets. The massive sulphide boulder was located near prominent discreet airborne magnetic and conductor anomalies.

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