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Lead Finish

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Lead Pipe
Characteristics Seamless pipe made from lead and lead alloys is readily fabricated by extrusion. Because of its corrosion resistance and flexibility, lead pipes find many uses in the chemical industry and in plumbing and water distribution system. Pipe for these applications is made from either chemical…
Lead Bricks
Characteristics Lead Bricks are produced in a wide range of sizes in the plain and the interlocking styles. The smooth surfaces of Lead Bricks allow for easier decontamination of the shield from radioactive dust. Lead Bricks are normally produced from about 4 per cent Antimony Lead alloy, which is harder…
Lead Anode
Characteristics The lead anode is an anode that is made with the metal, lead. Lead anodes, however, are not made of pure lead and are more commonly made of metal alloys for better conduction of electricity and proper functioning in an electronic device. These kinds of anodes may not always have the…
Lead sheets
Characteristics Lead Sheet is a construction material of major importance in chemical and related industries because lead resists attack by a wide range of chemicals. Lead sheet is also used in building construction for roofing and flashing, shower pans, flooring, x-ray and gamma-ray protection, and…